CIO VendorJeronimo Macanas Candilejo, Co-founder & CEO
Over the last decade, bigger players such as Netflix and Amazon have primarily dominated the video entertainment space. With these big companies and the upcoming challengers competing and leveraging every innovation to take a step further than the others in the excellent video race, the infiltration of machine learning has proved to be a boon to the players. The process of planning content along with the ability to execute and reach customers forms layers of challenges for the organizations trying to get ahead of the line. Helping these organizations is JUMP, the brainchild of Jerónimo Macanás, co-founder, and CEO of JUMP, and a digital entrepreneur with experience of over 25 years in the industry.

"Speaking of machine learning and the media industry, there is plenty of expectation and disruption in the video space,” says Macanás. Pay TV operators, TV Networks, and Broadcasters have laid their focus on creating newer and more efficient distribution channels over the last few years. With the motive of distributing content and reaching customers, plenty of money and time has been invested, to create a platform to generate and distribute appropriate and useful content. Most organizations take Netflix as a benchmark to compare their working strategy and content quality, especially with regards to machine learning. Lack of understanding towards the market parameters such as the speed, audience, data flexibility and agility forms the backdrop for the business low-performance rate of the video services by aspiring companies.
JUMP has been influential in bringing advanced analytics and extensive machine learning into the picture.

JUMP plays a pivotal role in working with video companies who have not been into Big Data scene prior, where the foundation has to be laid from the scratch while educating the clients on the importance of data analysis and how Business Intelligence (BI) can prove beneficial for their video service. Having created different advance business analysis and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at different levels, JUMP provides different packages to support companies with varying interests and requirements—JUMP Insights, Advanced and Impact.

Using JUMP Insights, clients can get a clear understanding of how a particular aspect of their business is functioning. This form of BI is explicitly used for video service providers, where pre-specified KPI’s are created exclusively for the industry that is to be used in.

JUMP Advanced, as the name suggests, is a package with tools with more substantial functionality, for instance, churn prediction, trial conversion, user clustering, and other sophisticated data analysis based exclusively on machine learning technology.

With JUMP Impact, third-party marketing automation tools are integrated with the client data. Information of the preceding few months is drawn and analysed to bring the outcomes of the platform based on different parameters.

Among the numerous high-profile companies that have benefited from JUMP’s services, ClaroVideo, a subsidiary of America Movil, is worth a mention. Being a firm that provides online subscription and transactional service which gives access to a catalogue of movies, series, and linear channels and so on, ClaroVideo is one of the biggest OTT services in the world, functioning in 16 countries. Using JUMP Insight, Advanced and Impact data analysis to track the progress based on pre-set parameters that would otherwise take weeks could be accomplished in hours, ensuring that the data used was still fresh actionable and highly valuable.

Looking at the road ahead, Macanás wants to lay complete focus on some technical aspects of JUMP. Among them, real-time machine learning would be the one of high importance. Also, the growth of the firm will be expected to reach a point where problems that are more complex will be resolved using real-time analytics. "We are very customer-focused, and we are always thinking in new ways in which we can get better deep analysis and algorithms virtualized for video services, as that will drive higher user consumption, engagement and monetization in the future for our customers,” concludes Macanás.