Joeri Van Steen, Founder and CTO, FaktionJoeri Van Steen, Founder and CTO
The world has opened its gates for AI everywhere today. With the increasing volume of data that organizations are managing, AI and its subset technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning and many more have become the key technologies for solving business problems. However, it is challenging enough for organizations to tackle the complexities of identifying and implementing the appropriate AI solutions for their business.

In a scenario where such technical complexities are clouding the organization’s capabilities for formulating realistic business cases, Faktion can be the required AI partner for the organizations. They are a boutique AI firm working with an end-to-end vision offering machine learning solutions with the perfect blend of deep industry experience to help organizations empower their business. Faktion can design the best-match solutions to deliver tangible ROI and strengthen the overall business. Offering state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions, Faktion works with an end-to-end vision to help its clients in every step of their AI transformation journey.

Faktion combines Machine Learning expertise with traditional software engineering mastery and delivers AI solutions that work, scaled to the size of your organization and integrated with the IT systems. As the organizational AI partner, Faktion offers its clients the holistic AI solution from the initial assistance of identifying to building and supporting the organization’s AI capabilities.
They provide strategy and consulting services to the clients, helping them identify the strategic business cases that best-fit the digital transformation of the organization. The company’s AI and industry experts facilitate organizations to launch the most scalable, safe and successful ML-guided initiatives with a competitive strategic roadmap. Faktion ensures that the organization values align perfectly with their AI transformation.

To help build the solutions, Faktion presents its unique AI Delivery Methodology that encompasses all aspects of AI solutions while ensuring an agile method for delivering superior quality projects within budget and planning. The silver lining of Faktion’s services comes with AI Proof of Concept, which helps businesses to evaluate the benefits and risks of a significant investment in AI. Faktion’s POC’s are never mere prototypes. Instead, these are working AI solutions that demonstrate AI capability, merged with robust software engineering, ensuring a clear path ahead, to both scaling investment and ROI.

Further, with a 360-project approach, Faktion focuses not only on the technical aspects of introducing the solutions but blends change management, project management and technical delivery and training to assure that the AI solutions support the mission-critical processes in a scalable, secure and usable manner. Adding to its solutions, Faktion extends its support for monitoring and maintenance, data annotation services and AI talent services.

Faktion’s solutions have permeated across multiple industries, including telecommunications, retail, financial services, retail and many more.

Their work with 6Wolves exposes Faktion’s efficiency in building ML solutions. 6Wolves strived to create a unique fitness wearable with outstanding precision, prediction and safety capabilities for exercise and therapy treatments. Faktion brainstormed with their technical team, coached them on ML product development’s best practices, and helped the tech startup to intersect ML with their devices. As its outcomes, 6Wolves’ solutions boosted physical therapists’ business models and allowed faster and lasting recovery for athletes. It also highlights edging real-time correctness-analysis.

Adding to its client success stories is Faktion’s contribution to Bank J. Van Breda. The company built a lead-scoring recommendation engine for the client, helping them push their commercial hit rate over 85 percent with a four weeks delivery time. Their reach extends to some of the world’s largest companies as well.

Today, this applied AI boutique has proved its efficaciousness in understanding the industry trends and requirements and merging business acumen with technical expertise. They have successfully enabled organizations to leverage the ML capabilities maximally and accelerate their business over time.